Welcome to the cycling site!

The site provides metrics for cycling and running (or for other kind of sports) activities.

The metrics page compares yearly aggregated data, such as distance, hours ridden, elevation gained and shows year to date series as well. The yearly data is also presented as a heatmap, so it is easy to compare the efforts for a given period of the year. Currently, it is using Strava and Garmin Connect to track activities and the data feed is collected via the Strava API. Let me know if you are interested to see other kind of metrics useful to analyze the riding data. It helps you find the best component prices via the product aggregator page.

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We'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions, ideas for metrics then feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting, and we are waiting you to come back for new content.

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Swagger Use Velocorner API to retrieve various statistics your activities. Supports OpenAPI initiative and it is Swagger compatible.

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Tech Stack

Building the cycling platform provides a good opportunity to experiment and learn new technologies or languages in a "live" environment.
The infrastructure is built following the "Infra as code" principle, the FE is written in React, on the BE the web gateway in Scala with the Play Framework exposing the contract with Swagger. Services are communicating via http with each other, exploring various languages and technologies:

  • web-app with Scala and Play Framework, ZIO
  • web-front with React
  • crawler-service with Scala, http4s, cats-effect, circe (Typelevel stack)
  • exchange-rate-service with Rust
  • data-provider with various database support postgresql, orientdb, rethinkdb, etc.
  • data-search - with zinc-search a lightweight replacement for elasticsearch
  • user-service - with Java and Spring Boot
  • weather-service - with Kotlin
  • health-check-service - with Go